ok google offline

Googlehas rolled out new update to its Google Android app with one of the biggest feature of working of “Ok Google” offline. It has laid a mark for future features. Imagine, now you can execute anything while your device is offline.

ok google offline

There are few other changes also like Voice Commands To Control Volume And Brightness, Insecure Network Warnings And Much More.

Strings were found within the Google App that reference Offline voice tips that indicate even without an active internet connection, cards can be displayed indicating what commands can be issued offline. Currently there are only four functions supported in the Offline sync and those are:

  • Make a call
  • Send a text
  • Play some music
  • Turn on Wi-Fi

Here are few other changes that have been included in Google App v4.8:

  • Voice commands for brightness and volume
  • Google Cast (disabled for now)
  • Maps generated based on a users activity
  • Reminders shortcuts
  • A few icons that could indicate future baked in functionality

You can download the latest apk from the download link below.

Download: APK Mirror


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