google apps account

Google Apps, a Google’s offering for businesses or users who have their own domain and use the all Google apps and other enhancements under their own brand names.

google apps account

Well talking about all the Material Design, which is already rolled out to almost every popular type of Google’s Service is now rolling out for Google Apps.

Lot of clutter has been cleared and with Material Design most of the things are now clear, simple and elegant. Now there are smooth transitions for the menu bar and other things. Proper color and shadow is present in the design for in depth preview of the actions. Here’s the email that Google has sent to the administrators of the account:

Hello Administrators,

We’re excited to announce that the Admin console has been redesigned to better meet your needs, putting your most important controls front and center and making the most common tasks easier than ever to complete.

We’ve prepared an overview guidevideo tutorial, and screenshots outlining how to change settings, manage users, apply filters, and access other frequently used features in the new UI.

The redesign is being rolled out gradually to all domains over the coming weeks. We hope you like the changes and we’ll continue to work to provide you with efficient, friendly, and accessible tools.

The Google for Work Team


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