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The latest phablet and tablet from Samsung are, of course, the Galaxy Note 9 and TAB S4. The two gadgets are literally the best you can get from their respective segments. Both pack best hardware as well as advanced software up its sleeve. Despite, there are folks who’d doubt regarding the support of Google’s ARCore on the devices. Well for those looking for an official statement here is a happy news as Google has updated the ARCore supported devices list to include them.

Google ARCore

By this, the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy TAB S4 are officially ARCore supported devices. Hence, the device owners can install the ARCore app from the Google Play Store to take advantage of the AR and its possibilities. For instance, Just A Line and ARuler are typical and most popular ARCore backed apps that you can have fun.

We’re not at all surprised by the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy TAB S4 getting its place on the ARCore list. Since, their predecessors and even some mid-range Galaxy devices such as Galaxy A8/A8+, A7(2017) are ARCore compatible.

The Galaxy TAB S4 has already hit the shelves and even certain customers have it on their houses, so the ARCore can be tested on there device right now. Whereas, coming to the brand new Galaxy Note9, it’s yet to hit the shelves. The first customers to get it are the one who pre-ordered and should be on their door-steps on August 24. The same day the device will go on open sale on various offline as well as online stores in many markets.


The latest edition of the ARCore is ARCore 1.4. If your device supports it, then it should be available on the Google Play Store for installation.

ARCore 1.4: Google Play Store

For the list of all ARCore supported devices, hit the source link.


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