In 2016 Google has launched its Google Assistant. In case you don’t know it is a virtual assistant developed by Google, it has the ability to engage in a two-way communication as well. The recent announcement from Google is in the favor of users as according to them one can now request and send payments to someone via voice commands. It means that the assistant will automatically make use of payment platform, so let’s check out some in-depth information about it.

Google Pay Logo

Whenever we go outside for a lunch, party or even movies with friends/relatives we have a habit to make payments in lump sum. Later we realize that we owe someone’s money or someone owes our and requesting money from someone regularly makes us feel a little embarrassing. This time Google has embedded Google Pay in the Assistant which will allow a user to transfer/receive money using few voice commands.

This service is starting soon in U.S.A and a person will be able to use this feature in Android/iOS-based devices. If you are an existing Google Pay user then it is icing on the cake but if not then there is nothing to bother as it will automatically show you the directions to setup your account. One can even send and receive money to the users who are not present in the Google Pay app. Suppose you have to send 200 Rs to your friend who doesn’t have any Google Pay account, then he/she will get notified about the payment through emails, Messenger, etc. They will receive the payment after installing the app.

For initiating the whole process one just have to give a command “Hey Google transfer or receive 200 Rs to/from Amit”.


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