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Google Assistant

Google often bring new features to its various Apps. This time as well something similar has happened. Google has its own well-known platform called the Google Assistant, it makes a lot of our tasks easy and straightforward. You can perform a number of functions from making calls to searching a query. Assistant was only lacking in two major functions: sending messages on Allo and making video calls from Duo. It seems like now Google is overcoming this issue and has been rolling out the fix for this.

Google Assistant Video Calls via Duo

It is very strange to know that Duo and Allo are both owned by Google. As suggested by the source, Google is fixing this problem and from now users will be able to make a video call using Google Assistant. According to them, a person can now give a command “make a video call to xyz” and the Assistant will respond by opening the platform Duo. It works similarly for the Google Allo too. According to the source, this feature, for now, is working for some while for some it is not.

We believe that it is a server side update and will be rolling out someday soon. For some locales, it is working fine while for some it just opens the Google Duo and nothing happens. A new renamed section is also there termed as Voice and Video calls. For now, we are not sure that when this feature will be made available officially. As per some users, this is working fine in the latest version of Google Duo i-e v37. For more Android news stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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