Google Allo

Google Assistant has some more features in Pixel phones. Now Google is rolling out new feature in its Allo app i.e Now Google Assistant can share your personal in the chats, if you give it permission.

Google Allo

In this new update after enabling Google Assistant in Allo by typing in “@google” and then tapping on “@google” in that chat. You can ask a question which contain the personal data in answer like “Whats on my agenda”, then a pop up will appear with the details along with a choice to share it or not to share.

This is a very small update but if you’re a person who is very busy all the day. This new feature will act as a shortcut to tell some your schedule. As Google Allo is out of 500 Most popular Apps, So Google Allo needs some more features like this to regain its popularity in this competitive market.


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