Google Assistant Can Reply to Voice Messages in Allo


Here’s one more leak out of the Allo feature list. Android Police has got to know that Allo can also reply to Voice messages with the help of Google Assitant.

google assistant allo

Google Assistant which is a high end Artificial Intelligent mechanism which is also going to get incorporated in Allo. Already, Google talked about this feature at Google IO 2016 and today we have got some instinct how it is working on the Allo test app.

So, you can chat with Assistant and can ask questions, can convey any command to the assistant. Like, you can ask it to turn off the wifi, lock screen, can set alarm, etc. In actual, it is a combination of Google Now and Assistant at your service.

google assistant allo

You can also ask for news from Assistant about any topic. Also, it replies to your smileys and emoticons.


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