Google Assistant to extend support for speakers and many other appliances in 2017


Google is extending its most of the business arms to the fullest. This year we have seen lots of advancements in working of the Google’s business. They are now much more attentive towards their present products portfolio. From their brochure of huge products, if we take an example of Google Assistant, then, we can see the huge difference and advancements in this smart bot.

Now, we can ask complex statements or can do the complex function by conversely attaching 2-3 commands at once. Until last year, it was only capable to handle one liners. Google Assistant has got a lot of attention from Google this year. They have attached it to different IoT devices.

Further, launch of Google Home and other smart devices at Hardware event 2016 has led to improvement in Google Assistant.

In order to make the improvement much aggressive, they are launching the support of Google Assistant to many other devices. As per the report, it is believed that they are going to attach speakers and many other devices with Assistant this year.

Google Assistant will now work with upcoming speakers from Anker, Mobvoi, and Panasonic.

Google is also partnering with LG for the use of Google Assistant in their devices. LG is going to embed the Assistant in washers, dryers, vacuums and more. Many more manufacturers like Honeywell, Netatmo, TP-Link and Wemo are coming to Assistant.

It seems good idea to add Assistant to devices of third party manufacturers as like of the Amazon Alexa.

What do you guys think?


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