Google Assistant New UI

Its been two years since the launch of Google Assistant. Since then Google has given many updates, but one thing remains the same, i.e. more than half of the interactions with Google assistant includes voice and touch. Today, Google is rolling out an update to its Assistant. The update makes it even easier for you to interact with it regardless of whether you prefer to use voice or hands.

Google assistant gets new UI improvements

The main highlight of the update is the new User interface of Google Assistant. It is now much improved with the new design and minimal elements. It combines the best of text and talks on your phone. The visual elements like buttons, tabs, etc makes it more informative and easy to read. The main changes which you will notice in the new makeover of Google Assistant are listed below.

  • Now you can control your smart home devices very easily with sliders and other new controls. Like Dial to adjust the light brightness and slider to adjust the volume of the smart speaker.
  • Bigger visual elements like buttons, tabs, etc. are more informative now and easy to read.
  • On your phone, you can get an overview of your day very quickly.
  • An interactive messaging interface so you can use your fingers to add a comma, change a word or make any other quick edits as you compose messages.

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The new features and changed UI is currently rolling out from Google. If you didn’t get it right now, It would reach you shortly. Users who get the update do share your experiences via comments below.



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