As announced at Google I/O 2018, Google is finally rolling out support for lists and notes integration with built-in and third-party providers. The latest Google app beta is now compatible with the new feature, it allows Assistant to use built-in lists and notes integration. Users can easily access the new feature under the services tab of the app.

google assistant notes

It is not for the first time that Google is rolling out the Notes and Lists feature. Earlier, last year, it was there till the Google express service didn’t take over. So, now it’s a welcome back move with some additional add-ons to the existing service.

Users can directly head over to the “Services” tab in the Google Assistant settings to get the latest feature. In there you will find “Lists & notes” menu. Users can select the option to “keep your notes and lists synced t these services” with Google keep as default service provider.

Ultimately, Google Assistant would get third-party integration with, todoist, Bring!, Out of Milk, AnyList, remember the milk, OurGroceries, Picniic, and Todo. The new feature is compatible with all devices running Android 6.0+ with Assistant onboard.

So Guys what are you waiting or? If you are on the Google App’s beta channel, then make sure to check this new feature.

How many of you found it useful? Share your thoughts about the same via comments below.


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