Google Assistant now available on phones running Lollipop and tablets with Marshmallow or above


Google launched Assistant with the first generation Pixels last year. Later, some months it was rolled out to all the Android smartphones running on Nougat and Marshmallow. But, phones with Lollipop and all the tablets were deprived of the amazing Google Assistant which comes in handy many times. But, starting today Assistant will be available on the above mentioned devices.


google assistant
Google Assistant

To access Google Assistant, users have to say the keyword ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google‘ (only on Pixels and Homes), else long press the home key. But, in case of Lollipop and Tablets Now on Tap would be opened which is known as Screen Search. However, that will be changing in the coming week for tablets running Marshmallow or above. And the smartphones with Lollipop are already receiving it.

Google says that Assistant will be available on Tablets only in the US with language set to English. However, it will be rolled out to other regions like any other new Google feature or app. Whereas, the Assistant will be available in US, UK, India, Australia, Canada and Singapore with language set to English. It will be also available with Spanish in US, Mexico and Spain. Even Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Korea will be getting the Assistant.

Users will be able to use Google Assistant, when they get the update and opt-in. Assistant will also be listed in the phone’s app drawer.


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