Google has announced its routines feature a long time ago in March, from then it has received much importance. Google Assistant routines allow you to perform multiple actions with a single phrase. One can also customize and set custom routines to perform different tasks. Google Assistant offer around six predesigned routines which will make your work easy. Today some more fresh information has been revealed about the Google Routines, so let’s know more about it.

From the beginning, Google Assistant Routine was available only in English(US) language. Recently some information has been derived from multiple threads on Reddit. Google Home has just announced a feature for the Google Assistant “Good morning” routine. Google Assistant Routines are now available in distinct languages and still support customization and scheduling. According to users the feature is not final for now and is in testing or initial phase right now.

As per reports, this feature will be available in the following language-country combinations:
1.) Deutsch, Germany
2.) English, U.K
3.) English, Australia
4.) English, Canada
5.) India

As per AndroidPolice, its first glance was witnessed going live in U.K ten days ago as reported by a user but later it gets disappeared. Maybe it was in the testing phase at that moment, so for more tech updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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