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Google Assistant first debuted on the original Pixel as well as on original Google Home back in October 2016. As with any new product, the number of partners were limited in the beginning. Now, as the Google Assistant has evolved much, Google has updated its partners list. Here, take a look at the new partners that were added by Google recently in the table partners list


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gizwits (Gokit)App
Candy BiancaWashers, Dryers, Kitchen Appliances
Top LinkApp
Home SwitchSwitches
Dexatek (SigmaCasa)Plugs & Switches
Netro SpriteSprinkler Controller
Tigo SmartApp
JuiceNetElectric car chargers
EufyHomeCleaning, Lighting, & Health Appliances
Lux ProductsThermostats
SmanosAlarm Systems
Danale Smart LifeApp
Cool SmartCameras, Plugs, Switches, Lights
Hiu Smart HomeApp
Sengled Home EULights, Security
GE Lighting (C by GE)Lights
Smarter Applications (Smarter Kettle)Kitchen Appliances
Intelligent HomeIntelligent Home by Connected Design, Inc.
automationBridgeSmart Hub
Bond HomeSmart Hub
S-BoardFloor System
Melissa ClimateA/C Controller, Water Heater Controller, Smoke Detector, Motion Sensor, Flood Detector, Door/Window Sensor
Nature RemoAir Conditioner
Spruce IrrigationSmart Controller and Sensor
SmitchSmart Hub, Lights, Camera, Security System
CNCT LifePlugs
CoolBreezeAir conditioner
Dishwasher StateApp
Tuya Smart LifeSmart Platform
Vivitar Smart CamerasCameras


Some of the partners listed above in the table were already supported few months ago. However, Google added them to the supported list now. Do you think Google Assistant has bright future ahead? Let us know in the comment section below.


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