Google has launched a new app on the Google Play Store with the objective to make it easier for kids to learn Hindi and English. The all new education based app, Bolo is specially crafted for the budding generation of India. Google Bolo app carries various significant features which will help users yo learn both languages.

Obvious enough, the Bolo app acts as a digital tutor developed for primary grade children. It helps to improve their English & Hindi reading skills, by encouraging them to read aloud – just as they would naturally do – and giving them instant feedback – even when completely offline.

Bolo comes with a fun and helpful reading tutor, “Diya”, backed by the same speech technology that is in the Google Assistant. With such an intuitive and fun-filled learning environment, the young generations would find it useful to improve their language skill.

The application is in development stage and has acheived 100+ download mark so far in Google Play. As of now the app features 50 stories in Hindi and 40 in English. Google also included some word games, what could be better than to play and learn? Since the app is focused for offline usage and has plenty of learning contents, the application comes with considerable size. Google says that it’ll further improve the content, but keeping it in small package as much as possible.

In case if you’d like to have the app for your child, do install it from the download link given below.

Download Google Bolo App

Bolo: Google Play Store


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