Google+ brings minor changes on the web for better interaction


Google’s lone social media that is presently working on the web, Google+ has received some User Interface. The new changes have been made available for the web version of the service. Google has added the new changes in order to make more interaction among stories on the web.


Google+ is in use by many tech enthusiasts and some other users. It is surviving due to it’s vast number of users that are currently members of it. Well, there’s a huge difference between active and registered users which is making it difficult to survive much longer now.

Talking about the change, Google+ has received a new comment design which shows 3 comments at a time. Earlier, it was restricted to just 1 comment and the other comments were visible only after the expand button was clicked. Now, own if you want to see all the comments, you can click the See More COmments button on the top of comments.

Well, it is a pretty good change in terms of interactions, we hope someone will benefit from this new change.

Currently, we are not sure whether this change is visible to all of us or not. We suggest you guys to check by clearing the cache of your browser if you didn’t receive the update.

ALso, stay connected with us and see what’s Google+ is going through the past many months and years.


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