Google Calendar 5.6.2 comes With a Month view homescreen widget


Google Calendar 5.6.2 is just rolls out and it brings the long awaited Month View Homescreen Widget. Google Calendar has also recently updated with an icon that shows a live updating date on the homescreen and in the app drawer as part of the Pixel Launcher.

Google Calendar 5.6.2

By Default this month view widget is 4×5 in size on the Homescreen. But you can resize it to as small as 4×4 and it is also expandable to the entire width and length of the screen. In this widget current month is displayed at the top left corner with back and forward buttons. It will show the calendars you have enabled in the Calendar app in other words, it will show the app’s month view in the Widget.

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Till now many you were using third party apps for using this feature, so it’s good to see it added to the official Google Calendar app. The Google Calender v5.6.2 is available on Play Store you can try it from there.

Play Store link

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  • Tobias Dettinger

    Cool! And when it comes out?

    • Sukhraj Singh

      It is live, install it form Play Store link in the article.

      • I installed the apk but now it’s already on play Store.
        When they write the article they could write a release date also or a apk. For future articles.