Google Calendar “find a time” Button Makes Scheduling Easier


Google has added a new feature to it’s Calendar app. The new stuff that Google has added is quite useful and they have moved the functionality under “find a time” button.

Google Calendar allows to reshuffle your meetings if one is not available. Also, it can easily make a time slot available to you when the person to whom you want to meet is free. It will check schedules of all other people and will fix the meeting at the time, which all they or a person is free. If no free slot is available it will adjust the meeting in-between by using the ultra intelligent algorithms. It will Reshuffle the whole meetings or appointments if you are busy or the person next to whom you are going to meet is not free.

findatimeThe whole above stuff will work with a single button now. With a single tap, “Find a time” helps you find meeting times that work for everyone—even if they’re in different time zones—based on their availability and the times they usually have meetings.

The same functionality is coming to iPhones also. Guys using Android can have access to this feature by just updating the Google Calendar App from the Play Store.


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