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Google Camera was first announced a long back and since then it has been playing a major role in the community using Android devices. In case you don’t know Google has just revealed the Android version P Preview 4 which brings certain changes to the applications as well. One of the apps that have received some noticeable changes is the Google Camera. It is up to the minute Google Camera v5.3, so let’s know more facts surrounding it.

There are a few noticeable changes though this time we’ve got some interesting information about the upcoming features on it. As per latest hints, the app will soon gonna support RAW format which is a much-demanded feature. This was first spotted 2 years back through the underlying code, however, this time it appears to be more realistic. RAW file captures the details of an image without making further processing and generally, it is heavy in size. There are details in Google Camera app that these images will get saved as DNG format files.

Further details have suggested that the Camera app is about to receive a feature termed as “correction to wide-angle distortion”. Another addition that soon Google will be making to the Camera app is “Auto selection for frame rates” in a video.

The camera under this feature will select best possible frame rates in video recording by analyzing the environment. Another upcoming feature might be “Multi-channel audio”. Most of the Android devices are having a secondary microphone for noise cancellation and as rumored the camera will now utilize it to give direction in videos. This Google Camera app v5.3 will only work on devices running Android P.


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