The in-built stock camera app on Pixel/Nexus devices and various Android One devices has been now updated to a new version. Though devoid of specific changelog, the latest Google Camera 5.2 emerges with some handful of new features and improvements. The “Dirty Lens Detection” feature being the center of attraction with the release.

Smudging of camera lens is an issue that irks most of us. No matter whether we’ve a Sony EXMOR or a Samsung ISOCELL camera sensor taunting smartphone. Once the lens is dirty whatever we capture with it, the image will be of poor quality and blurred. Google is trying to address this issue to an extend by this new feature called Show Dirty Lens Warning¬†with the latest Google Camera 5.2.

Well, as it’s clear from the feature title, the Google Camera will display a warning when the lens is too dirty or smudged that may hinder the quality of the images. Hence, we need to wipe the lens with soft cotton or alikes so as to clear the lens. For the warning to pop-up whenever the lens is dirty, the feature should be enabled from Settings>>Advanced>>Show Dirty Lens Warning.

Apart from that, the Google Camera is getting a new settings screen with icons. Also, the main screen is getting a minor change as well such that the Grid view icon is no more present at the top. If you’re wondering where it had gone? Then, no worry as the Grid option is now moved under settings.

You can see all the changes all yourself by updating the app to latest v5.2. If the update is not yet available on your Google Play, download and sideload the apk from link given below.


Google Camera 5.2: Download



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