google cardboard

After announcing some new features for Google Cardboard app. Now, Google has provided an update to the Cardboard app with new features and it is ready for download from the Play Store.

google cardboard

“Everything is an opportunity to tailor the content shown to you,” Prasad says “The design has to be able to accommodate a horror movie and make a horror movie look scary, make a documentary look thought provoking, and the comedy really funny,” Prasad says. “And we do that through the imagery.”

What’s New
– Improve camera preview when scanning QR code
– Drift correction less aggressive and uses uncalibrated gyro when available
– Support trigger with a single screen touch on phones running Jelly Bean
– Fix black screen issues present on some phones
– Disable Windy Day on phones that don’t support OpenGL ES3

Google announced Cardboard, a project to construct inexpensive VR using items you can find around home, buy at a hardware store or order online, at its I/O developer conference last June.


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