Google Cast devices to receive a fix for WiFi Problem on January 18th


Google Cast devices such as Google Home-Max, Standard and Mini are reeling from some WiFi issues. Many dailies reported about the problem few days ago. In a response, Google has replied on a matter on the device support page. They replied that they have acknowledged the issue and even have rectified it. The fix is set to rollout tomorrow.

Google Home Max
Google Home Max

In detail, the issue occurs when the two casting devices such as Google Chromecast and Google Home are on the same network. The issue occurs at random times and can trouble your Wifi network. It has been reported by many users and news agencies.

Google has prepared a Play services update with a solution to the bug. The update will roll from tomorrow (January 18th 2018). This kind of issue is now getting much attention due to the widespread attention on it. Well, the fix is on its way and the your Wifi networks are going to be stable again.

Some users are ven reporting that the recent beta update of the Google Play Store has fixed it.but some are against this saying and are denying any fix for the issue in recent beta update. We can’t fully deny or accept these things, we have to wait for fix.

How many of you are facing this issue?


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