Today Google has introduced Google Catalogs for Android. All of your favorite stores, brands, and catalogs all in one place neatly accessed right from your Android tablet. For some unknown reason it’s been available on the iPad for a while, but is just finally landing for Android — seems backwards if you ask me. Either way it’s finally here and available in the Android Market.

Time to gather up all of those catalogs from the living room coffee table and throw them in the trash — after adding all the brands to your tablet of course. I think I’d be set on checking out some REI camping and fishing apparel or gear but all the other fashion stuff I’ll leave to the ladies of Android.
The new Catalogs app allows users to select all their favorite items and see pictures of said items. You can even add all your favorites to a collage of images for viewing later and sharing with your friends and more. A few pictures below will give you a better idea of what to expect, not to mention the neat little video Google’s thrown together as well. If any of this sounds fun or enjoyable to you be sure and download the new app in the Android market starting today. Enjoy the video even though it’s shown on an iPad:

Catalogs main catalogs 1 catalogs [via Android Market]


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