Google Pay

Google is very sensitive when it comes to their users. Often they develop new products/platform to make our daily life easier. One of the biggest examples of their innovation is the recently tested feature in Google Assistant. By using this one can transfer money to contacts by just giving commands. In all Google is doing all possible things to make their users happy and glued to the Android ecosystem. Now some new information suggests that Google is testing a new way to make payments, so let’s check out some comprehensive information about it.

This time the information has emerged from a source called “theandroidsoul”. We have attached some images from the source observing which you can easily notice that they have captured the new feature in action. According to them Google is testing it for now and is currently rolling out it in a few devices, this specific feature was available for a moment after which it disappeared. This will open new ways to make payments, however, it is worth noting that it doesn’t make use of any existing payments app.

Google has its Global payment app called Google Pay, they have an India specific app too called Tez but surprisingly none of the above-mentioned apps was installed on the user’s device at the time this new feature appeared. Google will be testing it on some device and maybe rollout it in the upcoming days to all devices. We are not yet sure that whether this feature will be India specific or Global. The above image is showing a “$” sign in the contacts menu, tapping on which triggers a new window where you can select the contacts, amount, etc. One can also link his/her debit card for future payments.

In all, we can say that Google is cooking something hot in their kitchen and soon we will witness it after the official announcement.


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