Chrome 54 for android

Almost all new refinements and features introduced with the Android P are official now. With the Android P, a user gets the all-new Apple-inspired Navbar, more detailed notification, and the most important horizontal recent apps tray. The idea of this horizontal recent apps section also looks deeply influenced by Apple, however, all users are currently aren’t aware of it. Recently the Google Chrome browser was spotted offering the same horizontal layout on its tabs page. So let’s take a look at the detailed information about it.

Google Chrome is a well-known browser for Android. Any changes made to this browser first arrives for the Beta or Canary version of the Chrome. This canary version is unstable and we will not recommend you to use it on daily basis. It exists for the developers or users who just want to experience those new features in the early stage. The latest canary version has implemented this change and in the above image as well the tabs can be seen arranged in a horizontal way.

Rolling out this change in canary version means Google will be planning to bring it soon to the normal variant. Another new change is in the Incognito mode, now you can view the tabs opened in incognito mode by just tapping the icon, tapping it again will bring you back to the regular page. Although this horizontal arrangement does not seem to be a revolutionary change as per our thinking, we are expecting some more features along with it in the Chrome browser.


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