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Google Chrome is the default browser on a number of Android smartphones sold across the globe. And now its getting a new stable version after a long time. The new update bumps up the version to 64 and brings a couple of useful features. However, the update is being rolled out in stages in the Play Store. Hence, it might take time to be listed in all the regions.

Google Chrome Logo

Talking about the new features, Chrome now allows users to mute the sound of an entire site. This option will really come in handy as there are number of websites which annoy users with their audio. To enable this option, open settings by tapping on the dot icon located at the top right corner. Then, select Site settings and there enable this new option. But, you will have to do it for each website and that’s still annoying.

Moving on, another new feature that Chrome 64 brings is an improved pop-up ad blocker. Chrome will now block those unnecessary pop-ups integrated in many websites. Thus, users will now have better experience on those websites. This new update also brings some visual changes. The address bar is now located at the bottom rather than centre. And the other aspects such as bookmarks, downloads and history can be accessed by swiping up the address bar. This change will definitely help the users with the now trend 18:9 display smartphones.

As stated earlier, the update may take time to hit every regions. Thus, check Play Store regularly for the update notification.


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