Google Chrome will block bad ads on websites from February 15


Internet is full of advertisements. It is the only mean of income for most of the websites. But, not all the ads are relevant. We all have bad experience with ads one way or another. Thus, to eliminate this Google is integrating an in built ad blocker to their Chrome browser. This in built ad blocker will go live on February 15 next year.

Google Chrome Logo

Earlier this year, Google announced that they would be bringing an ad blocker to their browser. And now its finally going live on February 15. Google has taken this step to eradicate those full page size ads, auto playing audio – video ads and other similar ones which comes in the way of user experience. Thus, you won’t see any of those bad words from next year if you use Google’s Chrome browser on your computers and smartphones.

Also, users now need not to install any third part ad blockers. But, as for Google they will gain more power over internet ads than they have now. Google will be helping by notifying the websites with bad ads through Ad Experience Report Tool. But, however if they don’t meet the standards within 30 days, all the ads on these websites will be blocked by Google.

What are your thoughts on Google Chrome ad blocker ? Let us know in the comment section below.


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