It’s been a long since Chrome Duplex has been there. It was first made available to Google Chrome Canary version in which it was totally unusable because of some prevailing instability. In case you don’t know Canary version of Google Chrome is like a Beta version where all upcoming features arrive first for testing. Now some new changes in the Chrome have been discovered which means that in the upcoming updates we will see more refinements.



As reported by a Reddit user named /u/armando_rod there are a group of new features which are different from existing and are easy to use. After enabling the toolbar you will come to know that in this new version the home and recent tabs including some other appear in this sequence. There is an additional “G” bar icon which opens the search bar where you can explore whatever you want. It is simple, straightforward and offers great one hand mode experience.

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Now the biggest query is how one can enable split toolbar? To enable it one should have Either Google Chrome Dev or Google Chrome Canary. Jump to address bar and type chrome://flags/#enable-Chrome-Duplex to enable the split toolbar. To make it work you have to restart the browser and not just once. According to the source one has to restart the browsers multiple times by force closing it. After successfully rebooting a split toolbar will appear. For more Android stuff stay tuned to GoAndroid. It is worth noting that for now this feature is not available on reguare version.


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