Google has silently launched a new app, Google Clips on Google Play Store. The app which acts as a companion app for Google Clips Camera can be now readily installed from the Play Store on all ARM64 devices running Android 7.0 or up.

If you’re one among those folks who’d ordered the Google’s AI powered Clips Camera when it went for sale last month. Then, the newly launched Google Clips companion app for the Clips camera will be handy for you once the gadget get into your hands soon. Since, Google is expect to ship the initial batch of the intelligent camera starting from 27th February, the buyers can expect their piece to arrive in coming days.

Till you get the Clips camera, you can take time to familiarize with this companion app. The Clips app, is basically intended for setting-up and managing the Clips camera. With the app you can do the following:

  • Set up your Google Clips camera in just a few minutes
  • Transfer your clips in seconds from your camera to your phone
  • View your clips to select your favorite moments
  • Save clips easily to Google Photos or your phone’s photo gallery
  • Share clips directly with your friends and family
  • See what your camera sees with Live Preview
  • Remotely capture clips even when the camera is a few feet away
  • Pick the best frame from any clip and save as an auto-enhanced still photo

Well, the Clips app is in its initial stage although stable. As earlier mentioned, the app is compatible with only 64-Bit devices based on ARM architecture and should be on Android 7.0 or up.


Google Clips v1.3 : Play Store

Requirements: arm64, Android 7.0+(Nougat, API 24)


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