domain is now 20 years old


It’s been tremendous 20 years for to be live on the internet. On this day in the year 1997, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and others registered the domain on the internet.

Today it a 20th anniversary for the registeration and Google has revealed this via its official twitter handle. Google eam has posted a GIF image depicting the past 20 years in the terms of search result pages.

Currently, if we go through WHOIS information, then it is registered with the MarkMonitor until the September 2020.

Infact, during the year of 2015, a former Google employee noticed that the domain had expired, so he went for the registration via Google Domains but Google cancelled it. Google stated that the cancellation was legal as they were the registrar in this case.

Well, we can thank Google for giving us such vast products which are now a part of our lives.


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