pixel 3 vs iphone xs

Google rolled out the new Pixel devices last year in November. Google’s hardware division has added Snapdragon 845 on board while its software has been unmatched with any other Android device. The search giant has optimized Pixel devices to run efficiently and effectively. Since its launch, Google is comparing it with Apple iPhone XS regarding the camera.

pixel 3 vs iphone xs

The comparison has now taken the place of advertisements. Recently, Google started a new advertising campaign where Google has compared the night shots taken by the Google Pixel 3 to the Apple’s iPhone XS. Today, Google product marketing VP shared an image where iPhone XS has been compared with the Pixel 3 camera.

Although in the image, Google Pixel 3 algorithm seems to have outperformed the iPhone X. Google Pixel 3 carries an efficient algorithm which balances colors with Artificial Intelligence. It merges different burst shots to prevent any motion blur. Overall, it helps to give the best image with improved lighting.

Apple’s iPhone XS lacks these kinds of algorithms to brighten up the low-light shots. We hope in the upcoming models, Apple should introduce similar advancements to make their cameras outperform the rest.


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