Dark mode is the best way to improve battery performance on any smartphone especially on the ones with OLED displays. Users have been craving for native support for dark mode on Android for years now. That wish is being now fulfilled gradually as Pie has support for the dark mode. Also, Google has been updating their apps to toggle dark mode for a few months now. The newcomer in the list is Google Contacts with v3.2.4.

A few days back, Google finally acknowledged that dark mode improves battery life on Android. Hence, this update might be the follow-up to what Google said and more of their apps might get similar treatment. However, Contacts is not the first app to get dark mode as Messages and Google News already received them earlier.

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To enable the dark mode in Google Contacts, tap the hamburger menu icon located on the top left corner and select the ‘Turn dark theme on‘ option. If you are a Google Pixel user running on Android Pie, the app will automatically have the dark mode enabled if you have toggled ‘Set Night Mode‘ to ‘Always on‘ in the developer option.

If you don’t have Google Contacts v3.2.4 installed on your smartphone, then update it from the Play Store now.


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