Google’s app to save your costlier data, Datally has got a new update with some new features. The major addition to the app is the Bedtime Mode. There are many other features such as Emergency bank to cater some saved data at the time of need. Alongwith, there are some small updates which has refined the app. To get the Google Datally App update you can check the Google Play Store. Also, if you want to sideload, the Google Datally Apk download is available from the link below.

datally download apk

Talking, about the details of the update, then bedtime mode is here to save even more data while you sleep. On the other side is the Emergency bank which allows you to use the data if you run dry. In, this app Google has tired saving the expensive data every time of you are using this app.

In Emergency Bank, you can set custom date range posting to your billing cycle, so it can save data accordingly. It is a kind of smart feature but need some manual functions. Overall, it is useful update for the Datally users. Further, Bedtime settings also revolves around the custom time.

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You can get this update from the Google Play Store. Either, if the update has not arrived, then download Datally APK from the link below.

Download: Datally APK


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