Google Designing New Home and Navigation Buttons for Android N


Google is preparing some new home and navigation buttons for latest Android Version, Android N. We recently came to know about the new Nexus devices, which are codenamed asĀ Marlin and Sailfish. Well, not to forget, just few hours ago it is rumored that Google is also preparing non-Nexus android navigation buttons

Now, as per new rumor, it is believed that Google is designing the home and navigation buttons for the new Nexus devices or Android N. We have also got a glimpse of the redesigned icons and are depicted above.

Currently the news is not verified but there are 70% chances that Google may introduce these new buttons.

Also there are some quite few changes that can be seen in the image. Colors can be seen around the borders of the home button. Also Google has given opaque look to the buttons.

How many of you like the new look of buttons? Share your views via comments below.


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