While it’s an open secret that Google Assistant is going to set foot on Chrome OS, one more related feature is unearthed that is said to be in the works. The under development feature will allow Google Assistant to be activated through a stylus pen. However, it’s also clear that this feature will require some hardware in the stylus itself, apart from software programming.

The feature discovered by Chrome Unboxed was shared via a screenshot. It shows a new Assistant feature under “Stylus Tools”. Do note that even “Stylus Options” are not available on stable Chrome OS builds as of now.

Like we said, we are more interested in Google Assistant, while the stylus pen activation is not we are very sure about. Since we don’t normally use a stylus with a Chromebook. So, we are not sure how useful this feature could be. Although, that might differ from person to person.

The newly discovered option also doesn’t actually work, it was reported. But it might be accessible to a handful of Google internal employees.

This will make the reach of Google Assistant even more far-reaching than it already is and that’s a good thing. Also, this feature is still in the Dev Channel, so we aren’t completely sure if this feature will make it to the stable build of Chrome OS.

Source: Chrome Unboxed


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