Google Duo Also Coming With Audio Only Chat


Google Duo is here with its simple and fast responses of the App. Google Duo, which was announced at the Google IO 2016 as a Video only Chat app, is also going to get Audio Only Chat feature.

google DuoThe news is coming from Google’s product lead for communication, Amit Fulay. He was responding to a query on G+ when he stated plainly that audio-only calls are coming to the app “soon.”

There are many uses of Audio only calls, both in technical and practical ways. In Technical ways, if someone have only few bits left in Data pack, then can manage to save huge data by simply switching to the Audio Only Calls. Sometimes, there’s low data speed and user is unable to carry the video along with the call. So it can help users there also.

Similarly, many times there are different situations when we can’t do a video call. What do you think?

So it is going to be a boon for its users.



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