Google Duo

Google Duo is undoubtedly one of the best video calling services. Over the time Google keeps on adding new and useful features to the app. This time as well a new feature is rolling out to the app known as Duo. Earlier in an APK insight a fresh feature termed as Multi-device support was spotted and luckily the feature is now officially rolling out for the users. So without wasting a moment let’s know more about this feature.

google duo

According to reports the feature is currently in rolling out phase and will soon reach all the devices. Surprisingly Google hasn’t officially announced any new thing for the app. Having this feature will allow you to login in two smartphones with the same account simultaneously. We are sure about this as a member of 9to5Google login his account successfully on two different handsets. With this feature enabled one will be able to receive the same call from two devices.

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Which in general means whenever someone will make you a call, he/she will be able to hear the ring on multiple devices. There is also a feature in settings menu using which you can sign out from individual devices. If this feature isn’t enabled for you then there is nothing to bother as it may be arriving on your device in a day or two. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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