In a big news, today it is reported that Google has edited the Google Duplex calls during the demo of the same at IO 2018. Google called the restaurant to showcase the abilities of the Google Duplex but now it is appearing that Google might have faked it. As per the Website Axios .com, they talked with themployee at the restaurant but did not received any satisfying awnser.


In Detail, Axios took a long route in verifying the facts the call. They first talked about what people at restaurants talk first ? Unusually, they speak the name of restaurant unlike the call to the hair salon was answered in edemo, “Hello, how can I help you ?”. Moving further, they tested the same thing by calling the restaurants nearby the Google’s Office but all said the restaurant name first. Even there were no background noises which usually does not happen in restaurants or salons.

Further moving, Google didn’t even disclosed the name of the restaurant and salon irrespective of repeated requests by Axios. They even asked that why won;t disclose that information.

Today, Axios got to know about the restaurant,┬áHong’s Gourmet in Saratoga, California. From where the call was picked up during the demo. Axios asked the employees about detail but they didn’t got reasonable awnser, even the employee refused to answer second time.

So, what was it at the Demo? We hope Google will come out with a definite reply. We are waiting for that ? What do you guys think ? Share your views via comments below.


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