Google Fi Customers High Speed Internet Access To Continue On International Travel


Project Fi, where Google unifies all networks and construct a single network. There’s one interesting fact in its attachment with Project Loon. Project Loon, which is based on getting high speed internet from giant sized Balloons. These balloons are travel in the air flawlessly with the direction and speed of wind. Google now, working in different countries to test this technology and later they have plans to unify this loon network into Fi.

high speed data abroad fi
Today, Google announced that the Fi users are going to high internet speed while they are travelling abroad. Google’s deal with Three, one of the largest cellular carriers in Europe, that will allow Americans to use its experimental Project Fi wireless service when traveling in an additional 15 countries, bringing the total number of foreign countries where the service is available to more than 135.

Fi customers now have access to high speed data in over 97% of the places Americans travel internationally.

Google says that with the addition of Three, Project Fi will be able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before. However, that’s probably only where Three has coverage, which is in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Austria.

Well, we hope Google will launch the same for some other countries also.


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