Just over two weeks ago, we reported on a long-withstanding bug affecting many Nexus S owners after being asked to shed some light on the matter due to Google’s lack of communication to owners regarding the problem. The bug was discovered as early as April 2011 and has since gone unsolved. Thankfully, it seems our little spotlight worked (we like to think so, anyway) as a Google employee confirmed that an OTA update that addresses this issue will be rolling out soon.
The bug related to Voice Search. The application would continually pop-up and disappear, sometimes so fast that the user can’t press the “cancel” button on the pop-up in time. It happens often for some and only intermittently for others, but either way we’re sure we’d get annoyed if it kept popping up when we were trying to use a different application. No timeframe still, but at least they’re close to a rollout and we know things are being worked on. [Google]


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