Google Fit Update

Health and Fitness is not only important for a happy lifestyle. It looks that Google has planned to dedicate this year for Health and Fitness. It’s not we who are saying it, a report of new app named ‘Coach’ says that. According to it, the Google Fit app is all set to get some new updates.

Google fit update

These new updates will not only redesign the app but also add up new features. The major change that is to take place is the change in the theme. The previous theme will be replaced with the Google’s new material white theme.

The aim of adding new features is to make the app effective to get the users up and moving. But to be frank for those who are not the fan of the new white theme by Google then you won’t love it. As there isn’t any Dark mode. Apart from this also now the app UI has activity rings and also a lot of bar graphs. This actually makes the app interactive for the users compared to the previous version.

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Now ‘Move Minutes’ can be earned for most of the activities. The more you get into activities that pump your heart the more Move Minutes you will earn.This will make working out interesting.

The new updates will be rolling out for Android and Wear OS by the end of this week. You can download the Google Fit app from the Play Store.


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