google play services 5.0

As we talked earlier about the Chromecast WiFi network issue, Google has got a fix for it. The Google is rolling out the fix in a new Google Play Services update. It will fix the issue which was reported by many users and major dailies on the Google Product Forums.

google play services 5.0

Google Chromecast was making WiFi unstable when Google Home is on the same network. Many users across the Globe notified unstability across WiFi network on official product forums. Google is now rolling the fix for the same via Google Play Services.

All these smart products beam data at much higher speed making it unstable for routers to handle. Google Home, Chromecast and Android TV on same network were having this problem. Many routers irrespective of the manufactures were prone to this issue.

After analyzing the Problem, Developers at Google have provided a fix. You can get the update in couple of days or within a week. If you can;t wait for some time, then always you can download it from the third party source.


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