When an OEM pushes a fix for an existing bug, sometimes it might end up inviting another bug. Or in rare circumstances, the newly introduced bug may be more problematic than the earlier existed. Perhaps, it was the case with the Google’s very own Pixel 2 XL users with the previous OTA update that introduced wake-up delay. Fortunately, Google is ready to push a fix for Pixel 2 XL slow wake-up bug very soon.

Whats is Pixel 2 XL slow wake-up bug?

If you’re unaware, then let us elucidate the problem. The fix which rolled out on previous June update was intended for improving the Always-On-Display, but rather rendered the wake-up time on the Pixel 2 XL to get noticeably delayed. The users noticed that their devices are slightly reluctant to light up whenever tried unlocking their phone with the fingerprint sensor or the power button. Approximately it took an extra second to unlock the screen after the update.

Actually, it’d be wrong to describe the issue as a bug. Because Google intentionally made the wake-up delay time to increase from 52ms to 102ms in order to fix the Always On Display flickering issue present on some Pixel 2 XL panels. Thereby, the extra-time required to unlock the device apparently compensated the AOD flickering.

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When Pixel XL 2 update is coming with wake-up bug fix?

Nevertheless, as per the source, the upcoming July update will plausibly fix Pixel XL 2 wake-up delay without getting the AOD adversely affected. Hence, if you’re annoyed with the delay then don’t forget to regularly check the software update section. As a fix should come soon any time from now.


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