Google+ is an Internet-based Social network owned and managed by Google. The collections and communities in Google+ help people to get connected with the updates of their interest. If you recall earlier there were only two choices for notifications, either you can turn them on or you can turn them off.

There was no way to view notifications selectively. But now it looks like Google has gone aggressive with it as they have made some additions to the Google+ app. So let’s check out some in-depth information about the new features.

The new major feature introduced by Google is termed as “Highlights”. As per Google, when this feature will be enabled they will send you the digest notifications of top posts from the entire communities and collections. This will help you get connected with your favorite updates without spoiling any extra sec for it. Earlier using the notification feature sucks as there were only two options available but now Google has played the game well by launching this new helpful feature.

The feature will be available on your account from now and if it is not then there is nothing to bother as Google may be taking a little bit extra to roll out it to every account. You can turn on/off this feature by jumping to the settings menu. By clicking on the three-dot menu on any communities or collection page and then entering the preference menu you can choose the highlights option.


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