Google Glass Available For Play Music All Access Subscribers


Google is asking Play Music  All Access Subscribers to buy a pair of Google Glasses.  This offer is only available to Play Music all access members. You can check your inbox as Google sending out invites since today’s Morning.

google play music

Like before, users will be asked to send Google a little bit of personal information to confirm that they want to make the purchase. Also you don’t need invite only along with you need US$1500 to buy a pair of Google Glasses :p.

Here’s what Google is emailing:

Your Chance to Buy Google Glass

With the launch of Google Play Music on Google Glass, we’ve secured VIP invitations for All Access customers to join the Glass Explorer Program. Interested in rocking out while exploring with Glass? Sign up to receive your invitation below!

After this program rolls out, Google’s Glass Explorer program will get larger in counting.

So currently we guys have to wait for some time to get our hands on. Hope we will get them in 2014.

Happy New Year!


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