Well, it can be seen as a metric of success for the Google’s Android Go Platform. Google launched the Android Go Program last year with only important features of the mainstream Android Operating System. To make the whole system compatible with the devices, they also launched the Go version of all its major apps. Usually, Go versions of every apps consume less storage and CPU usage to perform major functions. Today, Google Go and Maps Go apps have hit 10 million installs on the Play Store.

Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go Logo

The new stats for Android Go related apps, particularly, Maps Go indicate that it has joined the 10 million install club. Well, these are not the actual stats which will indicate how many devices are running on Android Go platform. Still, it indicates some figures which are suggesting that Google has succeeded in its ambitions to make Android available at lower prices maintaining speed and features of the OS.

As per Gartner, Google has shipped 626 million units of different devices running Android OS on the top. So, if we roughly calculate the present 10 million installs with the Android sales this year, then, Android Go retains only on 1.6% of devices. In actual, the real number will be little less than the estimated value shown above.

We expect a new version go the Android Go platform by the end of this year. It is a good idea in the works, but still, it is not mature enough to survive on its own. Google needs to put some more emphasis on the Android Go to make it hit among the device manufacturers.


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