In a bid to improve the features of the Google Go app, which is already a fully loaded web browser within just few MBs of size, has got another feature. Today, at an event in New Delhi, Google launched Google Go Website Dictations service. It will allow users to dictate the text available on the webpage.

google go

The feature was touted to be arriving “in the coming weeks” is already here. This helpful feature is now available on the Google Go app. The Website Dictation Service is using AI and to determine the words and what to read. The dictation service will not read the whole content it will only read important words.

Google Go Website Dictation Compatibility

It is compatible for all 28 languages in India,  including some of the most commonly spoken in India: Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and Tamil. Also, it can even run on 2G network speeds without any hitch.

Overall, it is an ultimate features that has been made available for Google Go.  It is a quite useful for those who are learning a new language. In coming times, we would love to see this feature in the mainstream Google App.

What do you guys think ? How it can help the users ? Share the views via comments below. Stay Connected with us for more.

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