Google has been planning since long to come up with an app quite similar to Slack. Google Hangouts Chat is a completely redesigned version of cloud based messaging service. The giant had been testing the app as a part of ‘early adopter’ program. It is for startups and businesses.

But the good news is that the initial testing of the app is done. The Hangouts chat app will be available for G Suite users from next week onwards.

But this new app is not going to replace the old hangouts. The previous app will be available the same way it was. This new Hangouts chat app is designed for businesses and startups. The ones that are looking for messaging service. A cloud based messaging service a collaborative one.

The app is quite similar to Slack, where businesses can make up a virtual chat room. And each chat room can support upto 8,000 users. This is simple to understand that Google is targeting big businesses too.

This new app will be available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The companies which have been using G suite can use it. And also they will have the option whether they want to use the service or no.


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