Google Home app update brings fresh new UI and night mode


The Google Home app has just been updated to v1.25.81.13. With the new update, Google has refreshed the UI assorted with some new features. To begin with, the app is more simple now with just two tabs occupying the main page instead of three. One of them is “Discover” tab, the other is “Browse”.

The discover tab brings users tips on how to make use of specific Google Home functions like how to pause Google Home audio playback or play it. This will keep changing as you learn new things. The browse tab is now home to your music and video content which was earlier separated by a “Watch” and “Listen” tab. There is a search icon below as well that will help you to find your favourite stuff quickly.

New features include a night mode with granular controls. Users can preset volumes for specific times of a day or dim the lights as they choose. Google also throws in a DND mode with timing options.

The updated app can be found on both iOS and Android but it is for those who have Google Home.


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