Google Home now supports multiple voice commands


Google Home was first launched last year along with the first generation Pixels. Since then, Google has updated it with many new features especially the support for multi accounts. This year Google launched two new Home devices one being mini, the most affordable one. And the bigger and expensive one – Max.

google home
Google Home

And now, another major feature is rolling out to users. Finally, Google Home devices now support multiple Voice commands, at most two for now.

Users can now give two commands at a time to Google Home devices. But, the tasks happen one at a time. For example, if you say “What’s the weather ?” and “Turn off the lights”. At first, the Home will forecast weather and only after its completion it will switch off the lights.  And also you can turn on or off multiple lights by giving a single command. Such as “Turn on living room light and turn off bedroom light”.

Thus, now you don’t have to wait to give your next command (at least one). Hopefully, Google updates to add support for more than two commands in the future. In case, you are thinking that if it works on the Google Assistant in smartphones, then the answer is no. But, it might come sooner or later.



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