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Google has crowdsourced another app, well it is created by it’s Area 120 incubator. It allows you to get all the real-time information if you are travelling via Subway in the New York City. It allows you to navigate via subway in the city. As like of Google Maps real-time traffic, delays, road close warnings, Pigeon gives you same information about subway.

google incubator

It will take you from point “A” to point “B” along with all the real time details of subway. If will show you alternate routes if the usual route is busy and there’s a delay. It will alert if you in advance if there’s any issue with normal route.

Pigeon App’s goal is to make your travel easier. In future we can expect some more extraordinary features from the creators. In order to use the app, you need to have an invite code. You can get one by simply by joining the waiting list. So, goodluck from our side to you, if you received the code.

Right now, the app is only available for iOS devices. There are currently no plans to rollout the app on Android. We expect the Pigeon App to arrive on Android as soon as possible.

source: Pigeon (1)


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